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Foundation Partners

When we came to them first for support for The Superyacht Gathering, once Blanche and Ian had given us some good strong feedback they gave both their blessing and the seed money needed to get the ball rolling. We are honoured by their commitment and thank them for their belief in the event. We are so proud to have Yachting Developments as our first official partner for The Superyacht Gathering.

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Ian and Blanche Cook

Talk to anyone in the New Zealand marine industry and they will know of Blanche and Ian Cook. Passionate boat builders, self confessed classic yacht nuts, and most importantly good friends, the Cooks involvement in the Kiwi and international yachting scene is longstanding.

It was back when composite boats were still in their infancy that Blanche and Ian Cook decided to start building superyachts. Fast forward nearly 30 years and their instincts were right, with composite yachts proving more popular than ever and Yachting Developments one of the world's most respected composite specialists. This natural instinct and affinity around yachts, paired with straight up no nonsense talking, is what makes the Cooks so good at what they do. More often than not you'll find Ian down on the yard floor, guiding an apprentice or offering some advice, rather than behind a desk. 

Although Blanche and Ian are best known as superyacht builders, superyachts are just part of the picture with classic yachts being a true passion for the couple. The Yachting Developments yard is often packed with a number of 'last chancers' taken on by the Cooks and lovingly restored over time - the corner of the yard that these yachts live in is affectionately dubbed 'Jurassic Park.' The classic yacht Ranger is one boat that is particularly special to the family, having been restored by Ian and team and now regularly raced around Auckland. 

Blanche and Ian's commitment to the marine industry goes far beyond just building boats, with Ian appointed the Commodore of the RNZYS in August 2018, and former positions including a ten-year tenure as the President of the Boating Industry Association in NZ. They are true industry supporters and ambassadors.

Thank you Blanche and Ian.

Linda Berry