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Sponsor Story: Kiwi Luxe hospitality with SKYCITY

Located in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, SKYCITY is New Zealand’s biggest tourism, leisure and entertainment company and has a reputation for hosting excellence. SKYCITY Auckland is a bustling place, with dining, attractions and a calendar of exciting events. Along with the tallest building in New Zealand – the Sky Tower – SKYCITY boasts world-class hotels and an entire precinct of activity, including award-winning restaurants. The Federal Street precinct is a particularly popular hub for food and beverage, in a buzzing environment.

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It is no surprise that SKYCITY is the host of choice for visitors looking for a luxury experience in Auckland, with superyacht visitors regularly being welcomed by the SKYCITY team. At The Superyacht Gathering the SKYCITY team will be partnering with the opening party and showing their incredible vision for Kiwi Luxe hospitality, injecting a local flavour into the event and showcasing their warm welcome.

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“There’s so much going on here at SKYCITY Auckland for you to enjoy,” say the SKYCITY team. “Dining, entertainment, activities and more on offer, day or night. Let us entertain you!”

Take a look for yourself with these videos of the SKYCITY precinct.

Welcome to the incredible SKYCITY

SKYCITY Grand Presidential Suite

Sponsor Story: The taste of New Zealand with PCL Marine

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

For Alice Brodie, Business Manager at PCL Marine, no two days are the same. One morning might see her visiting growers and suppliers, with a superyacht chef, the next taking a tour of PCL Marine’s own butchery. Working directly with New Zealand’s marine sector – including visiting and locally based superyachts, and superyachts cruising the wider South Pacific – Alice’s passion is connecting superyachts with the best of local and international fare, and engaging them with where their produce is coming from. It’s about making what we offer an experience in itself.

Alice Brodie at work

Alice Brodie at work

PCL Marine – part of parent company The Produce Company – has been working with superyachts for nearly 15 years. Working as the supplier for the lion’s share of Auckland Top 50 restaurants, it was inevitable that superyachts would soon get wind of the company as a source of the best provisioning in New Zealand. From there things spiralled, and the PCL Marine division is now entirely dedicated to supporting the niche marine sector and the demands of its discerning clientele.


“We want visiting superyachts to understand the full scale of what we offer and that we are a full service superyacht provisioning agency… we have our own butchery, sell beverages, caviar, truffles, guests’ favourite brands from home, as well as showcasing the best of NZ food and beverage,” says Alice. “New Zealand’s food industry offers premium quality, award winning artisan producers, with a focus on health and wellbeing”.



Providing beautiful high-quality produce tailored to yacht use, is a key goal, with the list of the tantalising products on offer seemingly endless. “We offer superb quality handpicked 55-day aged beef, TeMana Lamb, award winning free range sausages and beautiful NZ game – wild sheep, rabbit, goat and deer. I have discovered the best cured venison, beef and lamb products New Zealand has to offer, we work closely with NZ’s only organic chicken supplier and also communicate directly with fishing boats and seafood suppliers to cater to any guest and chef specifications.”

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With an intimate knowledge of New Zealand’s produce, Alice is a true believer in listening to client’s wish list and then engaging them with the local specialities including site visits to key producers. This helps yacht chefs create bespoke menus that have been tailored around the best of the incredible produce on offer. “We really want to help the superyacht chefs tell a story about New Zealand’s flavours and offerings via our food,” says Alice. “Food and beverage is such a crucial part of the overall superyacht experience and it’s a privilege to work with superyacht chefs to create something memorable and uniquely New Zealand.”

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This approach pays, with visiting superyachts hailing PCL Marine as their one stop shop.

‘If you come down to The South Pacific, PCL Marine is just the best. We have been cruising the region for the last three years and wherever we were, they always made it happen; Taihiti, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, even Palau, and of course Auckland. Each island has their own challenges, but if you give them enough time, they can pretty much make anything happen.’ Chef Eric- MY DRAGONFLY.


Amber + Friends joins the line up as official photographer of The Superyacht Gathering

With a focus on storytelling, The Superyacht Gathering will be an extremely visual event. Because of this, finding the right fit for our event photographer was an important  task and when we discovered Amber Jones of Amber + Friends, we knew we had hit the jackpot. Amber is a talented photographer and videographer who lives and breathes the ocean, and is passionate about capturing life on and under the sea.

Amber working 2.jpg

I would forever feel guilty if I knew I had this storytelling ability and wasn't using it for the greater good, so it's only common sense to show the world what I get to see under the sea." – Amber Jones

Amber's stunning images speak for themselves, and we welcome her to the team. 

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The Superyacht Gathering speaker, Bianca Cook, lines up in all-star Sydney-Hobart female crew

Bianca Cook, speaker at the 2019 edition of The Superyacht Gathering, is set to line up as part of an all-star international female crew of 13 racing on board Wild Oats X in the upcoming Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. Bianca and fellow kiwi Keryn McMaster will join their fellow crew to challenge the race, adding another career milestone to Bianca’s already impressive sailing CV.


Excerpt from article from

For the first time in the gruelling Sydney to Hobart race, a professional all-women’s crew will line up on Boxing Day. Among them are two Kiwi sailors at very different stages of their careers.

Keryn McMaster is one of two Kiwis who are part a multinational crew of female sailing icons. The other is 29-year-old Bianca Cook, fresh from her first Volvo Ocean Race, on Turn the Tide on Plastic.

All 13 women are sailing stars in their own right. Between them, they’ve amassed 17 Volvo Ocean Races and 68 Sydney-Hobarts.

They’ve been handpicked by Australian sailor Stacey Jackson, who also sailed in this year’s Volvo on board Vestas 11th Hour Racing. Jackson’s latest mission is to encourage more Australian women to sail, and to push the message of taking better care of our oceans – naming this project Ocean Respect Racing.For Cook, this race – her first Sydney-Hobart – means the opportunity to sail with the women who she says “created the pathways for me”.

Women like Carolijn Brouwer, of the Netherlands - the first woman to win the Volvo Ocean Race on board Dong Feng this year. And Australian Vanessa Dudley, who's already sailed in 22 Sydney-Hobarts.

“I was up on the bow the other day, looking back and thinking ‘wow I can’t believe I’m sailing with these amazing women’. I realised I’m actually the youngest on board by quite a few years," Cook says.

“I’m going out there hoping we don’t have any majors and we have a good blast down to Hobart,” Cook says. “But it’s a race where you just don’t know which hand you’re going to be dealt.

“We’re hoping to get a pretty good result out of it, and we’re capable of it. It’s a fantastic project with such an incredible crew of sailors. Not women – sailors.”

Invited to join the crew by Jackson during the Volvo race stopover in Cardiff, Cook is also very aware of the importance of continuing to advocate for the health of the oceans and sustainability. Partnering the project is 11th Hour Racing, an organisation promoting sustainability through sport. 

“All sailors are very passionate about our oceans, so it’s really just trying to push the message further,” she says.

“When I was a kid growing up it wasn’t really an issue. I’m not saying that we threw stuff into the ocean left, right and centre, but it wasn’t something you always thought about.

“Now, having been out on the world’s oceans and seen the effects humanity is having on them, it’s scary. It’s a message I’m passionate about spreading.”

Cook is also an ambassador for Yachting New Zealand’s sustainability strategy, urging every boat club in the country “to step up” and reduce their impact on the environment.

Since the Volvo ended in June, Cook has dabbled in some international match-racing, but mostly concentrated on finishing her Officer of Watch certificate to skipper super yachts. She's looking forward to finally spending time at home in Auckland this summer, sailing her family's famous classic yacht, Ranger. (Cook's dad, Ian, is commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron). 

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